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I am gearing up for some changes here on my blog. I am adding some fun new features and I will be posting waaaay more frequently.

I created this site as a way for me to extend my reach and share the benefits of yoga. For me, writing is an extension of my yoga practice and my teaching. Still, the whole blog thing was terribly ambiguous at the start. I knew of a few things I definitely wanted to incorporate (and still do), yoga pose tips and benefits for example, but between my slight (ahem – okay slightly large) learning curve and fuzzy, vague ideas of what I wanted to create, my baby blog and I lacked some serious focus.  Sure, I had visions of YouTube tutorials and the "valuable" content yoga niche readers like myself enjoy. The overall clarity of "Hi. I'm Lindsay Fields and this is what I'm all about," well, I suppose I just hadn't found my way there quite yet.

So, what am I all about?

I'll admit, it is a wee bit scary putting myself out there like this. I am not historically the conversation-starting type. But here I am and you know what? I'm doing it. I'm starting conversations and I'm having fun. It's really not that scary after all (silly, silly Lindsay). The plain & simple of it: I LOVE YOGA. I feel most connected, most like myself, when I am either practicing, reading or talking about yoga. And I am driven to share with others my message: that this connection I am talking about, that manifests as joy and abundance, is possible for everyone – whether through yoga practice, snowboarding, writing, parenting or cooking.

It's all yoga.

A further expression of this blog, or another world that I've opened myself up to with my blog' inception … my love affair with Facebook and Twitter. One thing I love to do while social networking it up is noticing how these microcosms reflect the characteristics of the whole (and oh, does this make me all buzzy with dorky delight). Tonight on both networks people were posting pictures of the rainbows they were seeing here in Asheville, NC. It was great. People stopped what they were doing to admire one of nature's little miracles (and by miracle, I simply mean something that inspires wonder and awe) and to soak up some joy and beauty. What I find interesting and, dare I say, of some importance to notice is how these people were driven by the desire to share with their "friends" – not unlike my desire to share my experience with yoga. Hmmm.

This realization brought about an epiphany for me today. One of the most beautiful characteristics of this human experience is that the best things in life are made even greater when you share them with someone else. And that we humans are driven to do just that when we are feeling connected, for example when a rainbow inspires awareness of the joy and amazement inherent in all of us.

And it is so freakin' beautiful I want to cry.

So, after 9 months gestation, my little blog here is beginning to mature. I am a proud mama indeed to see how far we've both come. The really super-duper-cool part is knowing that tons more exciting stuff is yet to come. I can feel it.

And it's made even better because I'm sharing it with you.

Things to look forward to:

With lots of love from me to you,


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3 thoughts on “The Blog and The Beautiful

  1. Melissa Silversmith says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I feel the same way about my blog. I also wanted to share my yoga practice through my blog and hope I could inspire some people to start actively improve their lives through yoga, because it certainly helped me achieve inner peace and strength. 🙂


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