Strike a Pose Saturday: I Like to Stand on My Hands

A new feature on my blog … sort of my Wordless Wednesday or Photogenic Friday … but, you know, on Saturday.

I will be sharing a yoga pose, with some tips and info every week. Mostly, I am just posting what I am doing these days, places I am visiting, my current favorite (or darn it – why can’t I freakin’ do this?!?!) yoga pose.

Here I am at the Main Street Nature Park in downtown Weaverville, NC

yoga in the park

Still a little timid when it comes to handstanding it away from the wall but thanks to my friend, the tree here, I ventured out of my safety nets and the handstand practice I am accustomed to.

One of the biggest challenges with handstands is overcoming you fear of falling. Best way to overcome that fear? Just do it. And know that you are going to fall at some point. I have – plenty of times. Learning to fall correctly and safely is an important part of the process … but you will probably learn the hard way. For example, I fell once and broke my left big toe. The good news? My fears were realized. What I dreaded has already happened and now I can move on. Oh, and the falling incorrectly thing? It hasn’t happened again.

In the beginning, the hard part will be to straighten your elbows and have your arms be solid and supportive like tree trunks. You can prep yourself for this pose, strengthen your upper body and arms with other poses such as downward facing dog, plank, forearm balance, etc.


  • Strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders
  • Improves¬† balance
  • A good pick me up when you are feeling sluggish or down. Nothing quite like shifting your perspective – literally!
  • Invites playfulness


  • Back, shoulder, or neck injury
  • Serious heart condition or high blood pressure
  • Ladies – core muscles are crucial in this pose so better not to do it when your lower belly area is busy doing other, monthly, female specific stuff … chances are, you won’t feel like doing it anyway.

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Thanks and love!


By the way, please practice safely, especially with inversions and when practicing outside of the yoga room. These articles express my opinion and while I have over a decade’s experience with hatha yoga practice, intensive teacher trainings and hundreds of hours of teaching, always consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen and to find out what activities suit your uniqueness. Becuase you are special and doggonit … I like you.

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