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Mindful Monday Recap: Poetry, Mortars, Saying No, and Baby Yogis

Happy Mindful Monday!

Wow, so many inspiring yogis and writers out there. There will never be a shortage of content for this weekly post o' mine.

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So, here is what I have been reading (and loving) of late … enjoy!

Love this so much. Written by Jason Wachob, who admits, he is not your typical yoga person – he's a dude, he's 6'7", worked on Wall St. – and includes inspiration from 5 big-name yoga teachers (Elena Brower, Tara Stiles, Kathryn Budig for example!). Read "5 Things I Learned About Yoga from the Pros."

Some days are just, well, bleh. Feeling off? Or know someone who is having a bad day? Here are some really excellent tips to help you re-connect: 9 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around.

Must read: Chris Courtney shares how he "learned to find peace and serenity in meditation while under mortar and rocket barrages in Baghdad." Meditation Among the Mortars via elephantournal.com. Beautifully gets to the heart of what meditation is all about.

For the yogi poet (or yogi cynic) in all of us … this is Divine … I especial love Jay's use of ellipsis … the space between … words, thoughts, breaths.  Another must read: Walking With Waves

I am a big fan of Sadie Nardini's writing. She has a way of relating a message or a lesson that is incredibly down to earth. Like, Real World Yoga. I also love how she takes the lesson a little further through asana with specific tips and poses. In this post she writes about finding the balance and awareness to know when to say no. Read Hugging in – and saying no via the Yoga Journal blog.

Okay, the last gem of the week (and I am so happy to have found this post) is on Joy for Life blog. It is titled satya, truth, yoga union: lessons from a a baby I have often noticed that babies and children have a lot to teach us if we pay attention (read what I have to say about it) and that sometimes it seems that all of adulthood is a matter of remembering what we already knew as babies. Anyway, read it. It's good stuff.

So, thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog or maybe an article that you read and loved recently.

Lots of Love,



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