Mindful Monday Recap: for the JOY of it.

Whew another Monday is here already!

Still, there is no limit to the amazing writers and bloggers out there. So, without further ado … here is what I have been reading that I thought worthy of sharing. Well, not all of it or this post would be a bazillion pages long. Basically, a bunch of stuff I wish I had written. By the way, I am constantly sharing posts via my Facebook Page so you can meet me there for more mindful reading and yoga tips.

Thanks and love to all of you (yes, that means you) for your continued love and support.

Love, love, love this post. It is so easy to get caught up in the pet peaves, or the things that bug you about certain classes or teachers. This post celebrates those more scrumptious moments in yoga class. True, it seems like a given. Of course we like yoga class. That's why we keep coming back. Just trust me here and take a moment to acknowledge those pet perks. Now if I could do this with driving …

On the other hand, and just like life, a yoga class can also include some less-than-scrumptious, even downright unpleasant moments. You know what I'm talking about. Bodily fluids, the interrupting cell phone, coughing or sneezing fits. Here is The Yoga Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook … bring your sense of humor please.

And because I am such a cat person and a frequenter of the LOLCATS (a.k.a. I Can Haz Cheezburger) blog, I was giddy to see this post from Yoga Dork Kitty Tested, Science Approved: Cats Relax (Even More) With Yoga Meditation Music Yes, we can haz inner peace. Yoga Cats FTW!

Another post via elephantjournal.com (I could probably do a whole MM Recap post with only elephant journal articles – seriously). Boiler Room Yoga (not a post about Hot Yoga by the way) discusses the experience of yoga classes outside of the realm of the "perfect" yoga studio. I teach in gyms and fitness centers so this post really hit home. Thoughts?

White Hot Truth, Because Self-Realization Rocks … now if this blog's title isn't enough to make you want to read it, please take my word for it and read "comparison is a killer: cut it out"… beautiful insights, practical applications. Go. Now. Read.

The 50 Best Yoga Books for Your Mind, Body & Spirit Yay! I love lists! There are so many fabulous yoga-related books out there but how on earth do you chose? Here is a great place to start via the prAna blog.

Here is a lengthy and interesting NY Times article about yoga rock star, John Friend, creator of Anusara Yoga and unifying force in the yoga (heck, the entire) world. The Yoga Mogul.

Okay, I've got one more for you. I tend to giggle at our results-oriented society. Not just results-oriented but the "quick fix" mentality. Why the heck would I want a quick fix when I could savor every juicy bit of life with a slow, focused intention to do so. David Nichtern sums it up beautifully in this post titled, "Slow Enlightenment" In a Quick Fix Culture.

My Monday Matra: Practice (yoga and life) for the joy of it, let go of results.

Thanks for stopping by! If you missed last week's post or if you just want to read some more of the web's best, here it is: Mindful Monday Recap: Do No Harm

Lots of love,


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