Strike a Pose Saturday: Dancing with Your Inner Warrior

I am feeling all nostalgic for South Florida, the ocean and Hot Yoga Teacher Training.

So, this week’s Strike a Pose feature includes a picture of me yoga-posing it on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, in the thick of teacher training.

Jimmy Barkan’s Yoga Teacher Training was a life-shifting experience for me, symbolized here by the funny camera angle.

Reverse Warrior

I know this pose by several names: Reverse Warrior, Exalted Warrior and Dancing Warrior. I like all three names and use them interchangeably. Depending on the mood and the moment, each name can be appropriate.

Yes, I could have my right knee a little more bent in the picture above, with my thigh parallel with the sand but 3 weeks into the training, my legs and hips were ridiculously tight from the hours of yoga practice every day. Not to mention the sand and the surf – they made things a little tricky, too (hey, where’d my feet go?).


  • -The alignment of the bent knee is important to avoid straining the ligaments of the knee joint. Keep the knee centered directly over the ankle.
  • -Keep the straight leg very active and straight with the outer edge of the foot pressing into the mat (or sand … or whatever).
  • -Hips should be in a neutral position which means scoop the tailbone slightly and draw the navel and lower ribs in and up.
  • -Try not to lean into the hand that is on the outer thigh but rather lift up and stretch back.
  • -The tendency will be to straighten the front leg when you go back, so be mindful of the legs, with a little extra attention on that front knee, throughout the pose.


  • -Increases the strength and flexibility of the legs, ankles and feet.
  • -Stretches the groin, hip muscles and connective tissue of the hips.
  • -Stretches the side of the torso and the arm.

Read last week’s tips for Wheel Pose.

Thanks for reading and please leave any questions or comments below (I love questions!).

Lots of Love,


By the way, please practice safely. These articles express my opinion and while I have over a decade’s experience with hatha yoga practice, intensive teacher trainings and hundreds of hours of teaching, always consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen and to find out what activities suit your uniqueness. Because you are special and doggonit … I like you.

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