Mindful Monday Recap: Sexy Yoga and Looking in the Proverbial Mirror

I love blogs (especially the yogic variety). What I love most about blogs is that they are an open forum for conversation. Media and information-finding is no longer a one-way street, it is no longer a monologue. Blogs encourage participation and I think that is cool.

If you are at all tuned in to the yoga blogosphere, then you are probably familiar with all of the conversations around yoga advertising and the placement of beautiful nude women in yoga advertising. If not, start here. Then go here and here and here.

Are you caught up? Cool. Let's move on …

Brooks Hall recently posted on a response to a specific yoga ad and the conversation has continued. Read her post about the Tara Stiles and Nissan: Master the Shift campaign recently featured in Women's Health magazine: Slim, Sexy Yogini + Car, and what the heck are we sayin' here at Elephant?

Major kudos to Brooks and for creating a space where diverse opinions are allowed and respected.

I do a lot of "stalking" and relatively little blog commenting these days. This is mostly because I am too cautious (I've always been that way) and it takes me forever to formulate my response. What takes some people 15 minutes takes me 45-60. I read a lot of blogs, something like 15-20 per day. So, you do the math. I just don't have that kind of time.

However, on this post I managed to gather my wits and this is what I said:

"I am loving everyone's comments. Brooks you have such a gift for writing and inspiring intelligent, thoughtful and respectful conversations. This is truly a brilliant piece.

I will just add, in response to no one in particular, that It is difficult to assume (though we certainly try) what others' intentions are in life and even in advertising. Over the years I have learned to take full responsibility for my reactions to things like this Nissan/Tara Stiles ad. Analyzing the bigness of it all (or what's "wrong" with society) and looking to the past for answers (what yoga has been defined as in the past) doesn't get me very far and is actually quite limiting to my growth and understanding. However, recognizing that I am uncomfortable when I see an image or read an article and then owning it completely is rather empowering. It is an opportunity to release some of my suffering (past karma). Conciousness starts with understanding myself, right? My initial reaction to the above ad, which was not unlike many others here, had nothing to do with Tara Stiles, Nissan or elephantjournal. It was all me.

Exploring the physical body's potential is a path to freedom (from pain, stress, karma) for many and I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to freedom. It is an individual and extremely personal experience. My opinion is that this ad was meant to appeal to those who have pre-conceived or even mis-informed notions about hatha yoga.

So, just a thought … what if it (the ad) could actually be a good thing? Just asking you to consider … what if???"

Read the rest of the comments and replies to my comment here. Please share your thoughts over there at elephant. Of course, you are welcome to respond here as well.

One more thought for you …

A beautiful blog post by Nikki Chau: Don't Bite the Hook: A Lesson in Working with Anger

Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I welcome any and all comments!

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5 thoughts on “Mindful Monday Recap: Sexy Yoga and Looking in the Proverbial Mirror

  1. regeic says:

    I am not into Yoga, but I heard so much good benefits about it. Reading articles like this makes me more curious and wonder what is really Yoga is all about.

  2. nikkilao says:

    Thank you for sharing this topic. i have heard and read a lot regarding yoga. And it is inspirational to try to have yoga. Amazing how yoga change once life. And I might try it the sooner i will be vacant.

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