Eat Pray Love Movie

Mindful Monday Recap: Eat a Little, Pray a Little, Love a Lot

Have you seen the Eat Pray Love Movie yet?

I realize this topic may have been exhausted already but, darn it, I have not yet witnessed the aforementioned motion picture event. At this point, I am vicariously eating and praying and loving and criticizing the Julia Roberts movie via my favorite past-time, blog reading. Yes, the blog community has exploded with reviews and criticisms and I have gathered some here for your reading enjoyment.

If this post at all piques your interest, I figure you must fall into one of two categories.

1. Like me, you have not seen the movie yet and you are looking for the low down on what to expect.

Or …

2. You loved the movie and just can't get enough EPL.

There may be a 3rd category, something like this: You're sick to death of all of the blog reviews and commentary and just want to tell me to shut the heck up.

Whatever your reason for tuning in (by the way, thank you!), below you will find a collection EPL posts from around the web, some critical, some funny and also an opportunity to tell me to "shut it" in the comments below. Enjoy!

Eat Pray Love Movie

First, stop by YogaDork and check out the EPL coverage there. Good stuff. Be sure to read the reader comments as you will find even more reviews and bloggers sharing their take.

EPL even has a Zombie Spoof poster courtesy of Merit Badger. The ultimate compliment, sort of like when Weird Al remakes your song.

And, to be expected, the sensationalized and scandalous reporting ensues … Accusations of financial misconduct, sex abuse scandals: The dark history of Elizabeth Gilberts's yoga mentor.

Another great EPL-related post written by David Romanelli (Yeah Dave): Eat, Pray, Love … Hate? In this post, Dave discusses the homophobia surrounding EPL and so-called "chick flicks" and offers a suggestion for moving beyond the hate.

Does Eat, Pray, Love and other movies about a "self-centered Westerner squeezing one-dimensional natives for exotic food, wisdom, and spirituality" make you want to gag? If so, you might like this post.

I LOVE Linda's Yoga Journey. If you haven't yet read her blog, now's your chance! Read my Eat Pray Love Tour of India but don't stop there. She has many wonderful, funny and insightful posts totally worth your time.  It is also where I found this hilarious Lewis Black video (thanks Linda!).

What about my thoughts?

I have read the book. I enjoyed it very much, probably because I am a woman around and about Elizabeth Gilbert's age in the book and I have suffered and overcome serious depression and "losing myself" in relationships. I like Italian food, yoga and desperately want to travel the world. Reading the book was as close as I've come to experiencing all of those things in one place. To sum it up, I identified with Liz. Basically, she had me at "One Woman's Search for Everything."

As for the movie, well, even after reading others opinions, I still would like to see the movie and experience it for myself. Who knows, I might even be writing my own review.

Eat a Little, Pray a Little, Love a Lot.


Bonus! Here is Liz Gilbert talking on TED about EPL, artists, inspiration and genius.

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