Yoga Inspired Jewelry by Bhati Beads

I’m not much of a jewelry person.

Heck, my wedding band is a tattoo. However, I find these lovely silk wraps from Bhati Beads to be unique and beautiful and I find myself wearing them despite my apparent aversion to accessories. Here’s the story of how I found out about Bhati Beads …

bhati beads silk wrapsAren’t they pretty?


There I was cruising the blogosphere for yoga giveaways to post for you here on my Hot Spot and I came across a Bhati Beads giveaway on Miranda’s Blog, Everything Sounds Better in French (her tag line is “Live Scrumptiosly” and I totally agree). So, not expecting much, I casually clicked and explored the Bhati Beads website and found myself lingering a little longer than I anticipated. The designs for both men and women are creative, hand-made and inspired by a love of yoga.

I headed back over to the Everything Sounds Better in French blog, again not expecting much, and left a comment and my entry into the Bhati Beads giveaway.

Guess what happened next? That’s right. I WON!!

I soon received my new Bhati Beads Silk Wrap in the mail.

bhati beads paprika


The color I chose is called Paprika. It’s rich and earthy and I love it. The beads are a brass hardware style “bead.” There are nine beads total.

I have used the bracelet/wrap for mantra practice. So, wearing the bracelet serves as a reminder to me to live mindfully and to make time for daily meditation and yoga practice.

Thanks Miranda at Everything Sounds Better in French and Margaret Maggard the artist behind Bhati Beads for this wonderful gift.

Visit the Bhati Beads site and explore a little. The Prayer Boxes are especially lovely. And also, please stop by Miranda’s blog. I am sure you will love it. She’s funny and sweet and incredibly chic.

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