How I Came to Understand Children’s Yoga ~ My debut!

My debut!

I am so excited about this. The community of bloggers and thoughtful people over at are a huge inspiration to me. It is one of my favorite places to hang out online and if you head on over there and look around a bit, you will see why.

I would be truly honored if you would read my very first post for and leave a comment there and even share with your friends and social networks (that would be awesome!).

My Children, My Gurus

As a mother of two, I know parenting to be one the most challenging and rewarding endeavors one can experience in life.

I am grateful to have found myself seeing the world through my children’s eyes as they explore with reckless abandon and plenty of giggles. There’s nothing quite like a big squishy hug and an “I love you, Mommy” after a long day of enforcing boundaries and worrying about their safety.

As a yoga teacher, I find sharing yoga with others to be incredibly rewarding as well. You can learn a lot by having to explain something to someone and by seeing people become empowered to participate in life mindfully and compassionately. Why it never occurred to me that combining the two (children and yoga) could be such a profound experience is beyond me.

So, it happened by chance that I stumbled upon the amazing gift of teaching yoga to children and I have my beautiful 6 year old daughter, Tobin, to thank for it. Continue reading on elephantjournal …

Thanks for your support!!

Previously published here on my blog in December 2009.

4 thoughts on “How I Came to Understand Children’s Yoga ~ My debut!

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  2. Donna says:

    What a wonderful experience – your impromptu kitchen yoga session. I love it when my children join me doing yoga. It is because of them that I was introduced to yoga in the first place and also why I am passionate about sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with children and teens today. Zip over to and download a copy of THE PET STORE, a yoga adventure story for kids. Its fun, easy and kids LOVE it.
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..Frog Pose – Mandukasana =-.

  3. Aruna says:

    Great picture – especially the marker on the knees. I love the story and agree about how much kids can teach us if we listen. But I also see so many kids who have started to shut down. I applaud the parents and teachers who do what you are doing! Listening is probably so normal in your home you don’t realize how much it helps a child’s self-esteem. It’s great to find your blog and connect with another teacher who feels this way.
    .-= Aruna´s last blog ..Kids Yoga for Disabilities =-.

  4. Lindsay Fields says:

    Aruna, Thanks for stopping by! Listening is indeed an under-rated skill. I always notice how people, not only kids, really light up when you just take a moment to listen to what they have to say! I love your blog, by the way. Thanks again!

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