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Mindful Monday Recap: Yoga Bloggin’ Goodness

Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken. -Oscar Wilde

Whew! It has been a few weeks since I posted a Mindful Monday Recap. It's like that John Lennon song says, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Totally.

So, I recently experienced a technology meltdown with my iPod and my laptop (not making excuses or anything) and I'd be lying if I said it made me crazy and twitchy with withdrawal. I actually enjoyed the break.

But, I'm back! My technologies have been restored and here's what I've been reading recently. There seems to be a common theme in these posts. Maybe you can tell me what it is. Enjoy!

two thumbs up

This Yoga. That Yoga. Real Yoga. Fake Yoga. My Yoga. Your Yoga. It's ALL YOGA. Read this awesome post from the brilliant Y is for Yogini: 10 ways I am "unyogic" { and don't give a #%&* }

Another on of my favorite yoga blogs, Yoga for Cynics begins this post " …with debates raging on about commercialism, body image, and what should and shouldn't be termed “yoga,” I’m pleased to announce the impending publication of my new translation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras … re-titled, for the sake of commercial viability, Patanjali's 196 Secrets for Tight Buns and Rock Hard Abs…" Don't you want to read more?

I love this post over at The Everything Yoga Blog. She writes about questioning yoga authority and the infamous Yoga Rebel, Krishnamacharya.

This post is beautiful in its simplicity. From Yogic Muse: Yoga is our nature. Brooks is also rockin' things over at

More beauty and simplicity via The Mad Yogi Poet … this one is titled, Be Your Self. The rest will follow.

Don't forget to read my debut about doing yoga with my kids.

Also, my current giveaway is for an Aurorae Yoga Mat and Slip Free Package. Ends 9/27/10.

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3 thoughts on “Mindful Monday Recap: Yoga Bloggin’ Goodness

  1. Y is for Yogini says:

    Thank you, love! I am honored to be given a shout out by the amazing Miss LF! 🙂

    By the way…I am so, so tempted to enter your Aurorae giveaway. Part of me is holding back, since I won the YogaVibes one, but the greedy part of me wants the awesome treasure! LoL.

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