The Yoga of Relationships – Moving from Anger to Forgiveness [VIDEO]

The Yoga Microcosm Effect.

The more I practice yoga, the more I see my body as a symbolic representation of the non-physical me. While in a yoga pose I notice the subtle relationships in my body, for example, the relationship between the breath and the tension in my body and also the relationship between my feet and my spine. Honesty and good communication are important elements in a healthy relationship and the key to those things is awareness.

In this short video, I discuss how yoga and cultivation of awareness can be a useful tool in creating the kinds of relationships you want in your life. Specifically, I describe how I moved from anger and pain in a relationship to forgiveness and freedom.

YouTube Preview Image

I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Have you noticed the lessons of a yoga pose having an effect on your life outside of the yoga mat? How has yoga helped you create healthy relationships in your life?

Post your comments below.

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