Her trainer, Hari Chetan, began teaching her when she was four, and calls her a miracle and a perfectionist

Mindful Monday Recap: 6 Year Old Yogi, Mantras and The Un-Indian Experience

Happy Mindful New Year!

Kick off your week and your New Year with some yoga-related reading. Here is a quick recap of some blog posts and articles that I have read recently and wanted to share. Good stuff.


If you haven't already, check out My Yoga Hot Spot: 2010's Greatest Hits for some fun and useful yoga reading. I am celebrating and saying goodbye to the past year of yoga blogging and moving into 2011 with one word in mind … Wheeeeeee!!!!

Yoga: A Positively Un-Indian Experience This post recently make the rounds on the social networks and sparked some interesting conversations and re-sparked the Yoga/Hinduism debate.

I think this is pretty neat-o. World's youngest yoga teacher, six, hailed as a miracle at Indian ashram It reminds me of my little girl and how she teaches me yoga on occasion.

Release to Receive Beauty and insight from the Chopra Center. The idea of releasing the past in order to receive the future is something I have heard and read about before, yet is is always good advice.

A Monday Morning Mantra for the New Year via the YOGANONYMOUS blog. I have tuned in for these posts for a couple of weeks now and I love them. Thoughtful. Inspired. Honest.

My friends in hotness, Moksha Yoga, have themselves a really fabulous website complete with Yoga Posture Tip of the Month videos. January's tip is Savasana, Corpse Pose – one of my personal favs. They also share Green Living video tips and I am loving it.

Last but not least, from Yoga Journal, read about The Sweet Simplicity of Om

So, read it up already and have yourselves a super mindful week!



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