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Mindful Monday Recap: Living Your Yoga in 2011 #365yoga

One of my favorite things about blogs and social media networks is the way in which they foster community and support. Perhaps this is because I am already accustomed to, and really enjoy this aspect of my life (you know, the part when I’m not on the computer). Yoga studios, teachers and practitioners do the exact some thing every day by creating meaningful relationships, by reaching out to one another with questions and guidance and by engaging in conversations about what really matters to them.

So, thanks yoga bloggers, for bringing that community, support and authenticity online.

For this week’s Mindful Monday post, I thought I would share with you some of the amazing recent developments in the online yoga world. It is truly inspiring.

#354yoga is a movement of yogi tweeters and bloggers who are intentionally creating a space to support their dedication to their path and deepening their commitment to themselves and to yoga. I love it.

#365yoga on Twitter

It began with a tweet. Read Nancy’s post on her blog, Flying Yogini to learn how #365yoga started and what it means to live your yoga every day. Then, subscribe to Flying Yogini to follow Nancy’s journey and insights. Thanks, Nancy, for getting the ball rolling!! Follow Nancy on Twitter at @yoga_mydrishti.

I am loving Sarah’s 365 posts on her blog, Sarahsana. So, definitely head on over there and do some reading. Her most recent post is titled The Yoga of Jack White and it totally caught me off guard with how deep and insightful it is. Simply beautiful – Chaturanga push-ups for your life. Thanks, Sarah! Your yoga is beautiful and inspiring. Follow Sarah on Twitter at @SarahKohl.

YogaDork is joining in on the fun and kicking it off with a super-duper giveaway. 10 YogaDork readers will receive a copy of Judith Hanson Lasater’s book, A Year of Living Your Yoga: Daily Practices to Shape Your Life, followed by an interview with Judith Hanson Lasater and regular #365yoga posts. Thanks YogaDork for helping to spread this message to a larger audience and for providing a forum of support and all kinds of yoga goodness. Follow @YogaDork on Twitter.

Want to get involved? There are many ways to join the 365yoga community (hint: you already are). You can follow along by typing the #365yoga hashtag into a Twitter search. Share your year of yoga by adding the hashtag #365yoga to your tweets. Journal or blog about your experience. Post status updates on Facebook, create a photo journal, or simply read others’ posts and leave comments to share your thoughts.

As for me, I will be joining in as well with regular #365yoga posts and tweets (follow me @lindsayyoga) as well as more yoga videos and giveaways! Yippee!!

Are you blogging about your #365yoga journey? Are you a fellow yoga tweeter? Please share a link to your blog and/or your Twitter handle so that we can stay in touch, share and continue to inspire each other.

Yours in Gratitude,

Lindsay Fields

2 thoughts on “Mindful Monday Recap: Living Your Yoga in 2011 #365yoga

  1. Terra says:

    I am new to the 365yoga community, but look forward to
    following everyone:-) I have not done yoga in about 10yrs, and just
    recently dusted off my mat and dvd. I haven’t felt this good in a
    long time. I am also learning about meditation too, I decided it is
    time to stop and smell the roses this year. My only hang up for me
    right now, I don’t know the different types of yoga, and all the
    names of the poses. So when I post each day on twitter, I will do
    my best on what I did for the day:-) I am excited to be a part of
    the 365yoga community! Take care, Terra (foodsafetylady – on

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