What is Yogi Surprise?

I'd like to introduce you to a new company called Yogi Surprise which I am personally really excited about! Members of Yogi Surprise will receive a monthly care package that is specifically designed with active yogis in mind. Their full site and services will be launching very soon! 


The folks at Yogi Surpise describe their service to be "like a mini yoga retreat delivered to your doorstep." My first thought when I read this? Yes, please! As a full time yoga teacher and working mom, Yogi Surprise really appeals to me. I have learned over the years that self care and and high quality health and beauty products help me to be a better me. 

I have susbcribed to similar sample boxes in the past but I always felt that they were missing something. What I like about Yogi Surprise is that it addresses that "missing something" for me by providing yoga, wellness, and fitness lifestyle products as their unique offering. I also appreciate that with Yogi Surprise you'll get 6-8 full size products, not trial size! The items range from unique yoga accessories and natural beauty items to herbal tonics, organic snacks, super food essentials and more. Like I said, I am super excited! Stay tuned for more info. 

You can request an invite now and be automactically entered to win a LIFETIME membership to Yogi Surprise. 

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