Yogi Surprise – November Box Review

Little purple box of LOVE. 

yogisurprise box

Month #2 and I am already developing a pavlovian response to seeing that purple box at my door. When my Retreat in a Box arrives, I simply can't help but smile, slow down and exhale. 

This month's box is a treat for the senses. It is filled with decadent natural foods and sensual body care items that I am happy to integrate into my life because they inspire and delight me. These all-natural, yoga lifestyle supporting products remind me to take time out, to enjoy my day, and to take care of myself and my family (Oh, yeah. My kids love seeing that purple box, too!).

Yogi Surprise is different than other subscription boxes I've tried because they really care about the details. From that adorable purple box, to the sweet notes and thoughtfully selected treats inside, and their excellent customer service, they have done a wonderful job of creating something of real benefit and value. And to top it off, they award an actual retreat to one lucky member each month. How cool is that? 

Here is the November box as I enjoyed it:

  • Valentina's Home Brewed Psychic Detox Bath Salts I used this right away. The combination of citrus, peppermint and neroli is lovely. Never underestimate the power of mineral salts and potent essential oils, I say. This bath transformed me. 
  • Hurraw! Vata Balm Love this! One of the great things about subscription boxes is that you are made aware of products which might not be on your radar otherwise. A vata balancing lip balm is brilliant and super helpful for a busy, working mom like myself. "Grounding" on the go. They also have a pitta and a kapha balm. 
  • Valentina's Home Brewed Sunny Outlook Body Mist Another wonderful product from Valentina's Home Brewed Pure Body Care. I'm a fan. This is great as an energizing body mist and also as a refreshing room spray. It is currently living happily in my bathroom, where the mandarin-lemon-ginger-ness is enjoyed by all. 
  • Lush Nuts Lush Nuts – Coconut Lavender This might be my most favorite item in this month's box. Seriously delicious. I am actually drooling in aniticipation of ordering more. Ingredients: California-grown almonds, Cane sugar, Non-GMO coconut water, Unsulphured coconut flakes, Lavender, Sea salt. Gotta love that. More flavors to enjoy: Coconut Orange Peel and Dark Cocoa Chili (!!!).
  • Golden Earth Chakra Wellness Oil "Energy" A healing, pure essential oil blend infused with crystals. The sample I received is called I Choose Energy and is made with pepperment essential oil and yellow calcite crystal infusion. In other words, this little bottle packs lots of good mojo. I love the roll-on bottle for ease of use and less mess. 
  • Schmidt's Natural Deodorant (Cedarwood & Juniper) I like different. I appreciate challenging the status quo, and apprently, even when it comes to deodorant. I love this stuff! The fragrance is subtle, which is great, and they also make an unscented version. This deodorant works much better than most other natural deoderants I've tried. No white residue at all. Really great product. I highly recommend giving Schmidt's a try. 
  • Sencha Green Tea Mints (Tropical Mango) I love matcha tea and I love these Green Tea Mango Mints. As is says on the package and the Sencha website, "Each mint contains antioxidants from matcha green tea to eliminate bacteria that cause Dragon Breath." And they're tasty, too. 
  • Earthling Organics – Heirloom Cacao Bar This bar is delicious and it's a good source of nutrients, antioxidants, and natural energy. I wish all granola/energy bars were made this well and tasted this good. 

Thanks and hugs to Yogi Surprise for helping me to remember to slow down and appreciate the sweet things in my life. 



One thought on “Yogi Surprise – November Box Review

  1. Putrie says:

    Dear ? ! (sorry, donb4t know your name)thank you soooo much for these beautiful yoga nirdas. You have such a wonderful calming voice, we can sense that you speak from your heart with love, you have a talent to help people heal themselves. I am a yoga teacher, just getting into yoga nidra, and I am learning at the moment from you so that I can apply it in my classes. It is such a wonderful tool. Me and my friends want to thank you sooo much for the peace you spread so freely Do you mind me sharing you on fb????? With my yoga students?Thank you from Spain, with a big smile and sending sunshine from the coast of Andalucia,a big fanKat

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