Yogi Surprise – Comparing 2 Boxes

I have been receiving and reviewing boxes from Yogi Surprise for a while now and I honestly only have positive things to say. I look forward to my box every month. My interactions with their customer service and social media people have been 100% positive. The products are amazing. I use them. I love them. 

Yogi Surprise, in case you're not familiar, is a monthly subscription box geared towards eco and health concious yoga lovers. Each box is packed with full size products (not tiny sample sizes) to support your yoga practice and active lifestyle. It's like a mini retreat in a box! Along with an awesome sampling of fabulous products, Yogi Suprise gives away an actual reatreat to one of their members every month. Pretty cool. They also have a Jewelry Box option (includes 2 handmade pieces and 1 organic treat) which is lovely.

For this review I am posting the contents and my thoughts on 2 seperate Yoga Lifestyle Boxes so that you can compare and get an idea of what the Yogi Surprise subscription experience is like month to month. Here we go! 

July 2015 Box – "Salute to the Sun"

July 2015 Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box

August 2015 Box – "Honouring the Fire Within" (my favorite box yet!)

August 2015 Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box

  • Jem Raw & Organic Cinnamon Red Maca – OMG this stuff is incredible. Put it on an apple and every bite is BLISS.
  • Neelu Kaur Yogini Bliss – Beautiful scent. This tridoshic oil is so soothing. I always get asked about it whn I put it on. 
  • Sunbiotics Chocolate Almonds – Yummy! Soaked and sprouted almands with probiotics … and chocolate! Perfection.
  • Aura Cacia Revive Body Cloths – At first I wasn't sure about these but they are super convenient and helpful! I find myself using them to quickly clean my hands and for an aromatherapy boost throughout the day and before bed. 
  • African Turquoise Bracelet – this bracelet is unique and beautiful.
  • My Tat Inspiring Temp Tattoos – I love tattoos (temporary and permanent) and the Yoga Set from My Tat is super fun. What a great way to keep your practice with you when you're not on your mat. 
  • *NEW* Yogi Surprise Yoga Sequence Series Card – This is a limited edition card with an asana sequence a to go with the monthly theme of Honoring the Fire Within. The sequence was designed to "power up your core and increase your stamina." Love it. 

You can also view more past boxes here.

So, as you can see, Yogi Surprise really makes an effort to provide an experience as well as a service (check out this post for more about that). Every month the box is better than the month before! I love addition of the Yoga Sequence card. If I had to pick something that is perhaps a "con" (but not really) I would say that $44.95/month is a little on the expensive side of the subscription box spectrum. But it's not if you consider that you are receiving 6-8 full size, vegetarian, and GMO free products. Plus, they often run promotions and offer discounts and the jewelry box is a less expensive option at $24.99/month. 

Thanks again to Yogi Suprise for 2 more awesome retreats-in-a-box! 




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