5:15-6:15pm HOT Flow at Anjali Hot Yoga $15 drop-in

6:30-7:30pm HOT Flow – at Anjali Hot Yoga $15 drop-in


5:15-6:15pm HOT Flow – at Anjali Hot Yoga $15 drop-in

6:30-7:30pm HOT Flow – at Anjali Hot Yoga $15 drop-in

Class Descriptions*

HOT Flow – Lindsay's signature Hot Yoga class is a mindfully linked sequence of yoga postures (vinyasa) that is driven by a strong connection to the breath. The room is heated to 85-95 degrees. The heated environment allows for a deeper release within the body, increased circulation and hydration to the joints and a refreshing glow that comes as a result of a good sweat. When combined with Lindsay’s attention to alignment details and foundational core support, the heat can provide a safe place to unwind the body and heal past injuries. Suitable for many levels, this class provides students with a physical challenge appropriate for them. Modifications and hands-on assists are offered as a way to personalize the practice for each individual. Pranayama (yoga breathing techniques), creative visualizations, mantra (Lindsay often brings her ukulele!) and meditation are woven into the sequence making each class a potentially transformational experience. Lindsay’s intention with each Hot Yoga class is to guide people into their own bodies to unravel their personal truth so that they can live with passion and purpose. 

Hot Yatra Yoga – Yatra is a Sanskrit term meaning journey. Hot Yatra Yoga is both a spiritual and physical journey. This 60 minute class is give students a total body workout while promoting transformation on an intellectual and spiritual level. Taught in a room heated to 90-95 degrees, each Hot Yatra class explores 10 categories of asana, including: centering, sun salutations, spinal flexion, muscle endurance, warrior series, balance, abdominal series (core), spinal extention, spinal rotation, and ending with a brief meditation performed in final savasana. All levels are welcome; however, the class is developed with both power and endurance as a foundation. 

HOT Core Flow – In this class you will learn how to utilize your inner body, a.k.a. your core, in most yoga poses, vinyasas, and transitions as well as build strength, stamina and a healthy balance of flexibility. Modifications and variations are offered for all levels. The room is heated to 90-95 degrees allowing for a deeper release within the body, increased circulation and hydration to the joints and a refreshing glow that comes as a result of a good sweaty detox. Pranayama (breathwork) and visualizations are key components of a core-inspired practice and are included. Also, guided mediations, poetry, and thoughtful themes are woven into the sequence. Lindsay's students experience a fun, inspirational, and high energy yoga class that closes with deep stretches and a sweet surrender in savasana. 

Gentle Yoga – A slow, subtle practice designed to open your "stuck places" and melt away stress with gentle yoga poses and deep breath work. This class is great for beginners or those working with an injury or other physical limitations. It is also a great class for anyone looking for relief from stress, tension and anxiety. Not a hot class.

Back Care Yoga – Gentle stretching and strengthening with the spine in mind! Many can benefit from this class but it is especially helpful for people who have mild to moderate back pain, injuries, previous surgeries or other limitations. In addition to being therapeutic for our back, Back Care Yoga is also helpful for stress relief and overall well-being. What to expect: A slow-paced class, mostly on the floor. Props will be offered as a way to support each person in an individualized yoga pose. Some hands-on assists but mostly you will have ample time in each pose to relax and experience the pose on your own.

Yin Yatra – This class includes gentle movement, deep stretches, and restful yoga poses to help you release tension and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Inspired by the principles of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yatra Yoga, and her ukulele, Lindsay will guide you into sweetness and a deep state of relaxation. The perfect complement to our Yang lifestyles, this class is pure bliss! 

Yin Yoga and Meditation – A sweet 60 minute yoga practice broken into two parts. First, we will begin with a short Yin Yoga sequence. Yin style postures are deep stretches that are held in stillness for a longer duration (from 1-10 minutes each). A Yin Yoga practice is quiet and meditative in nature and the postures are designed to target the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia) of our bodies. In this class we will primarily focus on opening the hips and low back in preparation for the second part of class which is a 15-20 minute guided meditation.

*It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before beginning a new yoga class.

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Private Instruction and Therapuetic Yoga

Private lessons are a great way to begin if you've never done yoga or as a way to deepen your practice and understanding if you are more experienced.

Therapuetic Yoga sessions are customized, one-on-one classes with Lindsay where yogic practices such as asana, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) are adapted to help individuals facing challenges with their health. Yoga has proven helpful in managing many conditions, reducing symptoms, restoring balance, and improving emotional states and overall well-being. 

Private lessons and Yoga Therapy sessions are based on a sliding scale fee depending on your unique needs and financial situation. Contact Lindsay for more information.


What people are saying:

"Lindsay is an amazing yoga guide. Her style of teaching is a constant reminder to breathe into the poses, release judgment, and be present in the moment. I love the way I feel afterwards – not only do I feel like I've experienced a great workout that has stretched my boundaries and made me grow as a person, but through her I've also been reminded in a deep way to release my self judgments, to accept myself the way that I am, to constantly strive for more peace and love, and to be here and now, in every moment. She is a rare gem of a person and a very special teacher. I've shared her with many friends and they've all found her to be quite exceptional."

-Tena M. Asheville, NC

"Lindsay Fields creates an atmosphere of peace and protection as she guides her students through classic yoga postures.  Her curiosity about yoga is bright.  Her use of language is inspired and helpful.  She is herself a sincere and pure-hearted yogi and her classes are imbued with that fragrance of personal wisdom and generous spirit.  With great love and respect, Lindsay fosters a true love of yoga in her students.  I try to never miss an opportunity to practice under her teaching – and I am a yoga teacher myself.  I gather the beauty of Lindsay's teaching and share it in my own classes.  It is love, love in the form of yoga.  A new student said she would never have imagined only a month before how wonderful she could feel after studying with Lindsay."

Barbara S. Weaverville, NC

"Lindsay is no usual Hot Yoga teacher. Lindsay has a sweetness and grace from her other practices that shines through. She has an appreciation for the broad path of yoga. This is good stuff."

-Cat M. Asheville, NC

"I have been attending Lindsay’s classes regularly for the past couple of years. Her compassionate and simple teaching style has encouraged me to incorporate yoga into my everyday life. I have taken private therapy sessions with Lindsay, and I cannot thank her enough for how much they have improved my ability to cope with a chronic condition. Classes with Lindsay are calming, her descriptions of poses are easy to follow, and her knowledge of body alignment is impressive. I am truly thankful for being able to practice with such a gifted teacher."

-Christine Weaverville, NC

"Lindsay's classes are filled with a unique energy as she offers genuine insight and wisdom in a very lighthearted, playful way. Her heart shines bright and you are immediately drawn in by her light the moment you step into one of her classes. As you leave her class you feel filled with peace and tranquility."

Asheville Community Yoga Center Staff Asheville, NC

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