Hot Yoga Stuff: Ultima Replenisher Review

Hot Yogis and Electrolyte Replacement Drinks go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I recently received a sampler of Ultima Replensher's Balanced Electrolyte Drink mix from a giveaway on the My Yoga Life Blog (Woohoo! Thanks Callah!). I have to say, I am impressed.

ultima replenisher

I was always suspicious of other electrolyte drinks and their long lists of ingredients I couldn't pronounce (not to mention the inordinate amount of refined sugar!). Still, knowing that my body needed to replace what I sweat out in just one hot yoga class, I would take them anyway figuring I was choosing the lesser of the two downers (you know, the crappy way I feel when I am depleted vs. the sugar and junk I can't pronounce).

I have done some research and I've even found recipes for making my own all natural electrolyte replacement drink. It is really surprising that I hadn't heard of Ultima before now. Thanks Callah and Ultima for hosting such a cool and useful blog giveaway (just another reason I love blogging!).

Ultima is the only 100% Natural, Sugar Free, Dye Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO electrolyte drink on the market. Pretty cool, huh?

I tried the following flavors (all of which I could pronounce every ingredient):

  • Grape
  • Wild Rasberry
  • Orange
  • Lemonade

The Wild Rasberry is definitely my favorite, with the Orange coming in a close second. The Lemonade is my least favorite. It's not terrible, just a little bland compared to the others. As for the Grape, well, I am just not a grape-flavored-stuff kind of person.

The individual packets are great. I keep one in my yoga bag for after class. I have also been using these drinks after I go for a run (a new adventure for me!). I notice when I do, I don't have a dip in my energy level later that day. In short, I am loving it – such a simple way to take care of my self and continue to live my active yogi life!


Not Just for Hot Yogis

Any althete (or anyone really) looking for an all natural, sugar free electrolyte drink will love Ultima Replenisher. Heck, my kids really enjoy it so that speaks to the tastiness, right?


Still Have Questions?

You can read Ultima's FAQ. Also, feel free to post questions for me about my experience with Ultima Replenisher in the comments below.


Buy It

You can buy directly from Ultima on their website or find out where there's a store near you carrying Ultima products. You can also connect with Ultima Replenisher on Facebook.

By the way, through September 2010 Ultima is offering a coupon for yogis! Get $7 off an order made on their website by using code yogayoga. Thanks Ultima!

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