Yogi Surprise Review – September 2015 [VIDEO]

Here I am opening the September 2015 box from Yogi Suprise. Watch this video to see what was inside!

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(Misfits shirt. Hee hee.)

With a special appearance by Fenix the cat at the end! 

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Yogi Surprise Review – June 2015

Supporting Your Practice with the Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box

This month's box from Yogi Surprise really rocked my practice! It contained 6 thoughtfully curated items for people who love to practice yoga (like me!). Here's what was inside the June 2015 box (links included):

Thanks, Yogi Surprise, for another awesome retreat-in-a-box!  



Check out their website at yogisurprise.com to learn more.

yogi surprise june 2015

Pssst! They have a jewelr box, too!

Yogi Surprise – February Box Review

In honor of February, the month of love, and this month's "Compassion Box" from Yogi Surprise, I have compiled a Top 10 list that shares exactly how I feel about this wonderful company and the service they provide. 

My full review of this month's Retreat in a Box detailing all of the yummy, smelly, yogi goodness is below as well! 

Top 10 Things I LOVE About Yogi Surprise

  1. The high quality and full size products that I actually use. I repeat, full size. And nothing wasted. 
  2. The adorable and thoughtful packaging. I've written about it before. I really appreciate the care and thought that obviously goes into each box. It really shows. 
  3. That they give away an actual retreat every month.  
  4. Their Instagram, especially the "Yogi Hands" pictures. I adore hand mudras. 
  5. All of the products are vegetarian, non-GMO, and cruelty free. 'Nough said. 
  6. Their customer service. In my expereince, they respond promptly and courteously to emails. They are super helpful and really nice, too. 
  7. The incentives. If you get 3 of your friends to join, you get your next box free!
  8. Their Yogi's Journal blog. It is full of wonderful articles for yogis.  
  9. The litte card that's included with each box. It describes the monthly theme and intention and the list of items included in the box. I keep all of these cards so that I can re-order my favorite products. Simple but brilliant. That's what I mean when I say they obviously put a lot of thought into their boxes. 
  10. The bonus boxes! Every so often they offer an extra box in limited supply. Check out the "Spring Renewal" bonus box.

February Box Contents: 

Native Touch Rooting Bear Rub $9.99

Rooting Bear Rub

Named after bear for its ability to know what plant to forage for and what root to dig to treat whatever ails him, this healing balm is soothing and balancing for your skin. The lavender, tea tree, and rosemary oils smell wonderful, too. I have used it on a couple of dry patches with great results! 


Emma's Organic's All-Sprouted Granola $9.50


I was only able to sample a few bites of this delicious sprouted granola before my duaghter grabbed the bag and ate the rest! They offer subscibritions for the granola obsessed. 


Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths $15.50

juicy bamboo

The packaging looks like a juice box! Adorable. My sensitive skin loves these vitamin rich bamboo fiber cloths. 


Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Face and Body Bar $6.95

sibu beauty sea buckthorn bar

This soap smells amazing. The lather is luxurious. I have been able to shave with it which says a lot about a bar soap. LOVE it. 


Kishu Charcoal To Go (for water bottles) $9.49

kishu charcoal

Such a cool idea! It works well to make my tap water and water fountain water taste better. 1 stick lasts 4 months! 


Keen-wah Energy Functional & Glow Bars (x2) $3.29


I love Keen-wah bars and was delighted to receive these in my Yogi Suprprise box. They provide a healthy, organic energy boost. The Glow bar is my personal favorite. 


Organic Yoga Headband $12 (no brand or link provided)

Also included in this box was a fabulous hand-made organic headband. Mine is a dark teal color and extra wide. It is great for hot yoga and doesn't slide off of my slippery hair. 

Thanks for the February love, Yogi Surprise



Yogi Surprise – December Box Review

Happy Holidays! 

yogisurprisedecemberI don't know about you, but December has been a whirlwind of red and green for me. I recieved my Retreat in a Box on December 12th and it has taken me this long to write about it. Pretty soon we will be welcoming the new year (and another box from Yogi Surprise – yippee!). 

The theme for December's box is "The Gift of Giving" and that is definitely my favorite thing about the holidays. I really love taking the time to consider and appreciate the people in my life in a bigger way. Most of my gifts are hand made and I do my best not to get caught up in the consumerism and the frenzy. With that in mind, I'll mention yet another thing I appreciate about Yogi Surprise. So far, their boxes do not contribute to clutter in my life. They are full size products rather than small samples that create excess waste. The packaging is minimal, reusable and/or recyclable. Best of all, the items I receive are really quite useful and I actually USE them. It is as if they went holiday shopping just for me. 🙂

The December Retreat in a Box has been a real gift! So, without further ado, here is the goodness that was inside:

  • Booda Butter by Booda Organics– This stuff is amazing! It is vegan, cruelty-free, and hand made in the USA. The ingredients in Booda Butter are simple, pure, and organic – just shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. It is good food for your skin and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend for dry skin and as a way to boost the overall health of your skin. My tin currently lives in my bathroom where I have easy access to it throughout the day. It smells delicious, too. 
  • Essential Living Foods Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs – In a word, scrumptious. Chocolate on chocolate in a pure, raw, ecologically grown form. Such a treat! 
  • Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic – At first I thought this was something like an all-natural, herbal Red Bull but it actually much more than that. This energy tonic is meant to be taken daily to protect your body from the harmful effects of stress. It is a potent combination of beneficial herbs in an alcohol tincture (I'm assuming that is the reason for the moonshine moniker!). I recommend drinking this in a glass of water as it is quite bitter and strong on its own. I am a huge fan of medicinal herbs and highly recommend this Energy Tonic. Good stuff. 
  • Indian Tiger Eye Mala Beads – Tiger's Eye has been my favorite stone ever since I visited a science museum in elementary school. So, as you can imagine, I was super stoked to receive this gorgeous mala. I have been wearing it when I chant for grounding and clarity. You can read about the healing properties of tiger's eye stone here
  • Angel Rejuvenation Spray Facial Mist & Aura Cleanser – I love this spray! It contains essential oils of frankincence, lavender, and geranium in a base of activated sacred healing water. It smells divine. I like to spray on my face as a moisturizer before I head out into the crisp, dry, winter air. It also works to elevate my mood and bring clarity and positivity to my mind. 
  • Scout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds – Another delicious addition to this month's box. These pumpkin seeds are healthy, tasty and make the perfect snack in between yoga classes and at work. My kids love them, too!
  • Yogi Surprise Organic Cotton Yoga Strap – I am a dork for yoga props (I even work for a yoga prop company) so I was pretty geeked to receive this strap. In my opinion, you can't have too many yoga props laying around. This belt/strap is high quality and durable with metal loop fasteners which are my personal favorite because they don't break or loosen over time. 

Thanks, as always, to Yogi Surprise for putting together such a perfect box for a yoga lover like me. I am looking forward to next month's box already. Here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year! 



NamaSTAY Hot Yoga Towel Review

I am so excited to be writing my first Hot Yoga product review in, ahem, a very long time. But this towel rocks! I just had to share.

The NamaSTAY Non Slip Yoga Towel

I love when I find a product that fits seamlessly into my practice without becoming a distraction. I honestly would rather go without the accessories than have something that I have to continually adjust and fix and keep an eye on while I practice. This is why I think it is totally worth it to invest in quality yoga props, to find a few key pieces that work so well you don't even notice them while you're practicing but you can't imagine being without them ( i.e. clothing that doesn't ride or chafe, a mat that is the right size, a block that does it all). I would definitely put the NamaSTAY towel into this category of quality and usefulness. 
The color options are terrific and varied and the texture of the towel is plush and soft. The microfiber material is absorbent and becomes even softer when wet. Also, like most yoga practice towels, the NamaSTAY towel grips even better when it is wet. This is especially helpful to know if you practice Hot Vinyasa styles, where you are at times moving between yoga poses at a faster pace. It also makes a difference in poses like Downward Facing Dog and arm balances, where you are using your hands on your mat to support some or all your body weight. 
My lululemon "The Mat," which is slightly bigger than the average yoga mat, fits perfectly into the sleeves at either end of the Medium Size NamaSTAY towel (they have a handy sizing chart on their website to help you find the best fit for your mat). The name NamaSTAY is spot on as this towel truly stays in place and, if you're like me and you like to get your sweat on, you know how important and helpful this feature is. A good, absorbent towel that doesn't slide around is necessary for safety during Hot Yoga practice. 

Try it Yourself

The wonderful folks at NamaSTAY Towels have set up a discount code for you, my dear readers. This code is good for 20% off a NamaSTAY Yoga Towel!
Simply enter case-sensitive code: LINDSAY when purchasing a towel at www.namastaytowel.com
If you are looking for a product that will support your yoga practice and not distract you from the goodness that comes with a sweet, sweaty flow, then I recommend you get a NamaSTAY yoga towel … or two! As you can see in the picture to the right, my NamaSTAY towel inspires me to kick up my feet and smile. 
Keep it Sweaty, 

Yummy Yogavive Chips Review and Giveaway CLOSED

Healthy snacking just got yoga-fied!

One of my favorite things about fall is, well, the food! So, how appropriate that this month's giveaway is a tasty one.

With pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice cookies and muffins making the rounds at offices and potlucks, it is easy to over-indulge. I find self discipline (brahmacharya) is important this time of year. I also like to find ways to set myself up to succeed in my seasonal eating habits. For example, I do not go food shopping when I'm hungry. I bring snacks and a bottle of water with me when I am out and about. I even go so far as to light a pumpkin spice candle to simulate yummy baking smells in my house.

yogavive popped apple chips

A New Take on Snack Foods

These Yogavive Organic Popped Apple Chips are a perfect part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only do I love their delicious flavor and satisfying crunch, I also love that the ingredient list is as simple as can be (call me crazy, but I am kind of a dork for that feature in my food). And here are some more things to love about Yogavive products:

  • No Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • AVA Certified Vegan

They Come is 5 Scrumptious Flavors

  • Original
  • Cinnamon
  • Caramel
  • Strawberry
  • Peach

Yogavive uses a two part drying process where the apples are first oven baked and then popped making them light and crispy and full of flavor. These popped apple chips are made from the highest quality USDA certified organic Fuji apples and come in two different size options. The 0.35 Ounce packages contain 1 whole apple while the 1.7 Ounce contains 5.

My favorite flavors are the Strawberry and the Original. My husband and my daughter both love the Peach. My son, well, he loves them all. Seriously, my kids can't get enough of these apple chips and since I can't find them in the local stores, I've already ordered more on Amazon.

Click here to locate a Yogavive retailer near you or head on over to Amazon.com to start shopping right away.

And Now for the FUN Part

Two lucky Lindsay's Hot Spot readers will receive a generous sampling of Yogavive Apple Chips in all 5 flavors and both sizes.

How to Enter


  • -Visit the Yogavive website and leave a comment here sharing something that you learned.

Additional Entries

Please note: you must leave a separate comment for each additional entry in order for it to be counted in the drawing.

  • -Share in a comment how you set yourself up to succeed in your healthy eating habits.
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Contest will end on October 28th, 2010 at 11:59PM EST. Winners will be chosen randomly on Friday October 29th and announced here on my blog. Open to US residents only.

Wait, there's MORE!

In the spirit of giving and with an intimate understanding that there are families out there who need help with even the most basic of human necessities, I will be donating 1 non-perishable food item to the local MANNA Food Bank for ever 1 person who enters this contest. This means that by entering this giveaway you will have a chance at winning a box full of yumminess and also help provide food for those in need.*

So, please head on over to the Yogavive Website and let the commenting commence!

Happy Fall!


Disclosure: I received the yummy Yogavive Apple Chips at no charge from Yogavive in order to facilitate this review and giveaway event. I was not, however, compensated to provide my opinion. All thoughts expressed are mine and mine alone.

*If for some reason the response to this post is overwhelming, I may have to limit the number of food donations. My budget is limited, you know how it is. Based on my recent giveaways, I am anticipating around 100 entries. I can swing that and a bit more.

Hot Yoga Stuff: Ultima Replenisher Review

Hot Yogis and Electrolyte Replacement Drinks go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I recently received a sampler of Ultima Replensher's Balanced Electrolyte Drink mix from a giveaway on the My Yoga Life Blog (Woohoo! Thanks Callah!). I have to say, I am impressed.

ultima replenisher

I was always suspicious of other electrolyte drinks and their long lists of ingredients I couldn't pronounce (not to mention the inordinate amount of refined sugar!). Still, knowing that my body needed to replace what I sweat out in just one hot yoga class, I would take them anyway figuring I was choosing the lesser of the two downers (you know, the crappy way I feel when I am depleted vs. the sugar and junk I can't pronounce).

I have done some research and I've even found recipes for making my own all natural electrolyte replacement drink. It is really surprising that I hadn't heard of Ultima before now. Thanks Callah and Ultima for hosting such a cool and useful blog giveaway (just another reason I love blogging!).

Ultima is the only 100% Natural, Sugar Free, Dye Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO electrolyte drink on the market. Pretty cool, huh?

I tried the following flavors (all of which I could pronounce every ingredient):

  • Grape
  • Wild Rasberry
  • Orange
  • Lemonade

The Wild Rasberry is definitely my favorite, with the Orange coming in a close second. The Lemonade is my least favorite. It's not terrible, just a little bland compared to the others. As for the Grape, well, I am just not a grape-flavored-stuff kind of person.

The individual packets are great. I keep one in my yoga bag for after class. I have also been using these drinks after I go for a run (a new adventure for me!). I notice when I do, I don't have a dip in my energy level later that day. In short, I am loving it – such a simple way to take care of my self and continue to live my active yogi life!


Not Just for Hot Yogis

Any althete (or anyone really) looking for an all natural, sugar free electrolyte drink will love Ultima Replenisher. Heck, my kids really enjoy it so that speaks to the tastiness, right?


Still Have Questions?

You can read Ultima's FAQ. Also, feel free to post questions for me about my experience with Ultima Replenisher in the comments below.


Buy It

You can buy directly from Ultima on their website or find out where there's a store near you carrying Ultima products. You can also connect with Ultima Replenisher on Facebook.

By the way, through September 2010 Ultima is offering a coupon for yogis! Get $7 off an order made on their website by using code yogayoga. Thanks Ultima!

Bloggy Love

Please stop by Callah's blog My Yoga Life and say hi! She is super sweet and share lots of useful yoga and running info over there. You might like this related post on The Importance of Hydration.

As always, thanks for reading! Please check back in as I have some pretty cool stuff (hint: giveaways!) planned for the not so distant future.

Lots of Love,




Yoga Inspired Jewelry by Bhati Beads

I’m not much of a jewelry person.

Heck, my wedding band is a tattoo. However, I find these lovely silk wraps from Bhati Beads to be unique and beautiful and I find myself wearing them despite my apparent aversion to accessories. Here’s the story of how I found out about Bhati Beads …

bhati beads silk wrapsAren’t they pretty?


There I was cruising the blogosphere for yoga giveaways to post for you here on my Hot Spot and I came across a Bhati Beads giveaway on Miranda’s Blog, Everything Sounds Better in French (her tag line is “Live Scrumptiosly” and I totally agree). So, not expecting much, I casually clicked and explored the Bhati Beads website and found myself lingering a little longer than I anticipated. The designs for both men and women are creative, hand-made and inspired by a love of yoga.

I headed back over to the Everything Sounds Better in French blog, again not expecting much, and left a comment and my entry into the Bhati Beads giveaway.

Guess what happened next? That’s right. I WON!!

I soon received my new Bhati Beads Silk Wrap in the mail.

bhati beads paprika


The color I chose is called Paprika. It’s rich and earthy and I love it. The beads are a brass hardware style “bead.” There are nine beads total.

I have used the bracelet/wrap for mantra practice. So, wearing the bracelet serves as a reminder to me to live mindfully and to make time for daily meditation and yoga practice.

Thanks Miranda at Everything Sounds Better in French and Margaret Maggard the artist behind Bhati Beads for this wonderful gift.

Visit the Bhati Beads site and explore a little. The Prayer Boxes are especially lovely. And also, please stop by Miranda’s blog. I am sure you will love it. She’s funny and sweet and incredibly chic.

While you’re at it, check out my current review and giveaway for YogaVibes.com Online Yoga Classes and Videos.

I’ve got another awesome Lindsay’s Hot Spot giveaway coming soon so stay tuned!

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