Hot Yoga Hair Mask – Awesome Beauty Tip for Yogis

Or should I say …

Accidental But Somewhat Intentional (and AWESOME) Hot Yoga Hair Mask

If you are like me and you go to lots of hot yoga classes each week, you might be looking for an easy, low maintenence hair routine that stands up to all of the extra showers, headbands, and pony tails that can be hard on your hair. 

I came up with a great way to go to yoga and pamper your hair at the same time, kinda by accident one morning when I forgot to rinse out my conditioner in the shower. Not sure if it was laziness or lateness that was the motivating factor (maybe both?), but once I realized that I forgot to rinse, I had the brilliant idea to leave the conditioner in during the hot yoga class to super hydrate my hair and that I would use the showers at the yoga studio to rinse the conditioner out after class. So, I did go all morning with a kind of wet-looking messy bun, but my hair LOVED it. The result was super soft, shiny, thick, healthly-looking hair! Totally worth it. Now, I'll do this every other week or so. 


Here is my hot yoga hydrating hair mask routine: 

Step 1: Shampoo as usual

Step 2: Rinse well

Step 3: Put normal amount of conditioner in hair (lately I have been loving this coconut conditioner)

Step 4: Do not rinse well 

Step 5: Do not blow dry

Step 6: Put hair in a loose but secure bun for yoga class

Step 7: Go to hot yoga

Step 8: After hot yoga, rinse hair well

Step 9: Dry and style as you like 

Pretty simple, right? Let me know how it works for you.